Review by Kasper K - TripAdvisor

This trip was so good it made me write my first-ever review. It is among the best experiences I've ever had traveling. The mix between desolate jungle, thrilling adventures and cultural experiences offers a unique look at the many treasures this great island has to offer.

The guide was extremely knowledgeable and very nice. I now consider him my friend. The food was another highlight of the trip. Prepared by locals, it is both delicious and abundant. The itinerary says to bring snacks but ours just sat at the bottom of our backpack throughout.

In the video, the climb up the pinnacle looks almost too exciting. This is also the case in real life. While doing it, I was in disbelief that they let you do it and afterwards I was euphoric. Amazing scenes. I did, importantly, feel safe all the way through. A night down by the waterfall is the perfect way to unwind and take in the jungle. I highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for an authenticBorneo experience. Five stars!


Review by Laura Q - TripAdvisor

Orou Sapulot was a wonderful and life changing experience!! from the first moment you meet Virgil and his dad they take so good care of you. Once you arrive at the stay in the middle of the forest it is a breathtaking place. Everything is made to fit in with the nature surrounding you and you feel in connection with nature. You sleep in a kind of a wooden bed with a sheet, which is comfortable but the best is that you get to fall sleep with all the noises from the animals and nature around you. First night is harder to fall sleep but then you get use to it!! And the food! its incredible. Super super tasty and every dish is typical from the region! the trips planed for the day, which include the trip to the cave and the hiking trip are really wonderful, I specially enjoyed the hike because once you are there you feel really fulfilled and the views are breathtaking. The second night you sleep at a hut next to a small waterfall and a lagoon which is magical. The free time that you have in the stay is also great, Virgil is an incredible conversationalist and we enjoyed great talks after dinner or played cards with the other guests and the guides. All the people working at Orou Sapulot are amazing, the guides are really fun and helpful and Virgil and his dad are very kind. I recommend Orou Sapulot 100% and i feel like is one of this secret places that it is not that easy to find anymore. We will defiantly come back!


Review by SwedishDaisy - TripAdvisor

Do not miss this opportunity to meet locals, and get a close encounter with the jungle. It was beyond our expectations and the last thing we booked - we are extremely glad we found Orut Sapulot. Virgil and his father Richard are caring hosts, and will gladly share their culture and knowledge with you. The local guides were very helpful even if they were a bit shy and only knew a little English. There was always one guide who spoke more English and body language gets you far. There was showers with water from a spring (cold but that is fine when its 35C outside), water toilets and they provided soap and shampoo. 

Swimming in a jungle river
Bathing in a waterfall
Climbing Batu Punggul
Exploring caves
Excellent freshly made food
Local interaction

i.e everything!
In other words, just go.