Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia and is home to the old rainforest in the world. Rich in history and culture with over 30 different ethnic groups living together in harmony. This is why Kuching (the state capital) has been given the first ever ‘City of Unity’ award and status.

Sarawak is definitely an adventurer’s dream. It offers some of the largest cave chambers and cave systems in the world. It has the longest longhouse in the world (1 km long!), it has the highest concentration of species per unit area in the world and out of the different species, 19% of mammals, 6% of birds, 20% of snakes and 32% of lizards are endemic to Sarawak!

Whether you’re a solo traveller, an old or young couple, a large family, scientific researcher, a wildlife enthusiast or an anthropologist...there is something for everyone to explore and experience.

For a great package option to Sarawak, Adventure Alternative offers the Wild Borneo trip which includes Mulu Park and a trek to the Pinnacles and/or Gunung Mulu. Another trip includes the Mulu caves and a visit to the Bako National Park near Kuching. And finally the Penan adventure is a unique chance to venture into the interior and spend time with the Penan tribe.