Sarawak boasts many different ethnic groups. The Dayak or Dyak meaning tribe are the original people inhabiting the island of Borneo. Though many have moved nearer to the cities, there are still thousands living in extremely remote areas across Sarawak. They call their homes ‘Longhouses’; traditionally a long wooden structure with separate living areas for each family and one long communal area running the length of the building for everybody to share.

This particular longhouse house is approximately 2 hours on road and another 2 - 3 hours off road and is home to the Iban (ee-ban) tribe. Spend your time immersing yourself in Iban culture and traditions, taste their cuisine such as ‘Pansuh’ (Chicken cooked in bamboo), Learn how they use the jungles’ natural resources for everyday use. Explore this remote village and it’s surrounding rainforest with beautiful waterfalls and jungle pools.



Day 1:

Depart Kuching at 8am. Stop at Semenggoh wildlife centre enroute to witness the majestic Orangutan in it’s natural environment. Continue to the Longhouse and meet the locals. Socialise, get to know your surroundings and enjoy the evening of eating, drinking and listening to stories of old. Overnight in the longhouse. (L & D)

Day 2:

Early morning wake up. Spend the full day on the river in search of Proboscis Monkeys, Estuarine Crocodiles, Hornbill and a variety of other animals. Stop for tea and biscuits at another Iban community and enjoy a traditional lunch by the side of the river. After dinner, go on a short night walk looking for many reptiles including the False Gharial (freshwater crocodile). Overnight in the longhouse. (B, L & D)

Day 3:

Early morning trek (approx, 2 hrs) through the jungle to the rainforest camp. Hornbill, mouse and pangolin can be spotted here if you’re lucky. Arrive at the camp and spend a couple of hours at your own leisure. Swim at the waterfall surrounding the camp. After lunch, spend the afternoon trekking and learning about the flora and fauna. Visit a large newly discovered waterfall before heading back to camp. At night, take a walk in search any nocturnal creatures including the stunning array of frogs. Overnight at the camp.(B, L & D)

Day 4:

Enjoy your final morning at the camp before heading back to the longhouse for one more meal. Thank your hosts and depart for Kuching. Expect to arrive back in Kuching late afternoon. (B & L)

This is just one of many itineraries on offer for the longhouse. Itineraries can be put together, shortened or lengthened for your particular interests.

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