Lupa Masa, in Malay Lost World, will literally make you lose track of time and space! Although Lupa Masa feels like it is in the depths of the jungle, it is actually accessible, only a 30 minute trek through the rainforest from Poring. On the way through it would be worth stopping by in Poring for the hot springs, the canopy walk and if you have good timing the raffleasia may be blooming nearby.

Adventure Alternative runs plenty of trips which include Lupa Masa Camp in it's itineraries and you can read more about the jungle camp and how to integrate it into your holiday plans to Sabah.


The walk to Lupa Masa in on a good but rough pathway through the thick forest, packing as light as possible would help as some parts of the path require good balancing over the bridges etc. Also due to the lovey leeches long songs, long lightweight sleeves are highly recommended for trekking around these parts! Luckily, when you arrive there is the most refreshing waterfall for a shower with a Jacuzzi pool right at the campsite.

The campsite is accessible for all ages and suitable for the whole family, as well as perfect for a little of couple time. The facilities are one diner (common area), toilets and showers, a bonfire, which they light up every night, and several hammocks for you to lay down and have some peaceful time. The onsite staff are lovely, welcoming and incredible chefs, all the food is vegetarian and delicious.

There are a few options for accommodation, either a tent under a shelter, where they provide blankets and a comfortable sleeping mats, or there is the option of a hut, all four walls open to the jungle, to make you really feel the presence and power of where you are. There are even some more upscale chalets for those who like some more privacy. Each one provides a different experience and you can switch according to availability. I personally loved sleeping in an open hut where I really felt like sleeping in the middle of the forest, like shown below.

Around the campsite, you will find the signs indicating the way to rivers bathing and waterfalls, they take less than 5 minutes walking and are all m mapped out from the campsite you can explore, enjoy the waterfall or relax at the campsite.

One of my favorite spots to chill and read was the river shown bellow, and don’t worry if you haven’t brought a book along, do not worry, in the dining area you will find a shelf with loads of books, cards and table games. In case you get passionate about a certain book and had had not enough time to finish it, you are welcomed take it with you to the rest of your trip, just don’t forget it is a book chain, so make sure you leave something behind for future fellow travelers.

Bottom line, Lupa Masa is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for a way to switch off the outside world and forget your worries. I would recommend you to stay 3 days and 2 nights which will offer you enough time to enjoy all of its charms and not get bored with the jungle.


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